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Welcome to AsianDime.com!!! I'm so happy to be back up!! Thanks so much everyone for being patient w/ me!! I've been waiting so long for my site to go back up after having so many problems w/ my webhost I hope thats the last of that!! Well I decided to take matters into my own hands & do it myself!! I have lots of surprises in store so sit back, relax, & enjoy the ride!! Its brand new & I really hope everyone likes it!! I"ve put my heart & soul into this!! Thanks so much & enjoy your visit:) Love ya,


New Galleries
Thursday, February 14
Red Couch
not a huge fave of mine but here you go hope you likey:)

Sunday, February 6
Checkered Babydoll pt 2
part 2, part 2 yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay:)

Tuesday, January 25
Checkered Babydoll
I love this outfit, hope you do as well!!
Friday, January 14
Maid Service pt 2
dam i didn't get any work done now I need a maid:)
Thursday, January 3
Maid Service
maid service me clean yo kitchen:)
Monday, December 3
Showertime pt 2
Hope you likey... muah
Wednesday, November 28
Why shower alone when someone else can be around to get it all on camera:)
Sunday, November 18
Thomas' set pt 2
most times you just can't have 1 pt LOL

Wednesday, November 14
Thomas' set
Thanks Thomas for providing the VS giftcard I hope you enjoy your personal set!!

Monday, October 22
Funny Bunny
These older sets are always good for a laugh:)
Saturday, October 13
Tan Dress
This looks like skin 2 me so ya that works:)
Tuesday, October 2
This is a fave of mine by my lovely friend Cherie... great job love:)
Tuesday, Oct 2
Forbidden City pt 2
I'm still waiting... hurry up:)
Tuesday, September 18
Forbidden City
I'm waiting for you to come join me in this Forbidden City
Monday, September 10
Kimona Girl
Come see me as a kimona girl, its a great sight:)
Thursday, August 30
Laundry Day pt 2
just 2 much sillyness for 1 part
Sunday, August 26
Laundry Day
Everyone has laundry day, hope yours is as fun as mine:)
Saturday, August 18
Afternoon Delight pt 2
More rollin' around on the dinner table:)
Sunday, August 12
Red Seduction pt 2
More seduction for ya... go ahead & check it out:)
Wednesday, August 8
Afternoon Delight
Just can't have dinner w/o having a 1/2 naked girl posing on there I guess:) This is also the beginning of a very naughty zipset so enjoy & get your personal zipset now!!
Friday, August 3
Red Seduction
This is a remake of an earlier shoot but it seems to be a popular one so here you go!! I also made a zipset out of part of this so go & check it out & get your own exclusive set!!
Monday, July 30
Spotlight pt 2
Catch me if you can muahahahahaha:)
Tuesday, July 24
I've been caught red handed... come get me hehe
Thursday, July 19
Purple Passion
Haha this was shot in Forbidden City's bathroom but it looks really good in print... go ahead take a peak:)

Wednesday, July 11
Whirly Pop pt 3

By popular demand here's the last part of whirly pop... enjoy:)

Tuesday, July 10
Paws Off pt 3
remember no touching:)
Saturday, June 30
Whirly Pop pt 2
If you just couldn't get enough of part 1 here you go ENJOY yum yum:)
Friday, June 29
Paws Off pt 2
Wednesday, June 20
Polka Dot
Come & join me in my braid days:)
Wednesday, June 20
Wednesday, June 20
Whirly Pop
Who wants a taste:)
Saturday, June 16
Ruffly Surprise pt 2
I'm bringin' sexy back so come & join me:)
Thursday, June 7
Ruffly Surprise
I love this outfit it just oozes sexyness!! Ruffles are nice, too:)
Monday, June 4
Fun In The Bathtub pt 2
More playin' around:)
Thursday, May 31
Fun In The Bathtub

This was 4 the most part me playin' around in the bathtub nothing serious about this one at all but no worries I did recreate this bathtub shoot many times after:)
Tues, May 29
Ground Dynamics
Come by & see why I made the videos such a craze:) OH & the cars kinda hot, too hahaha
Tuesday, May 22
Cartman's Set pt 2
Hope you enjoy your personal gallery & thanks again!!
Saturday, May 19
Cartman's Set
Thanks Cartman for the VS card... this ones for you!! Your own personal gallery & let me say you definately popped the personal gallery cherry:)
Friday, May 18
Paws Off
The shirt says it all
Friday, May 18
Workin' The Pole pt 2
Friday, May 18
Workin' The Pole
This is outside of a house kinda looks like a school if you didn't know otherwise
Thursday, May 17
White Paper Towel
LOL this made me feel like I was just wearing a piece of paper towel I guess you can make anything work:)
Thursday, May 17
This was taken @ a really cool lounge, really cool atmosphere haha I think foods in some of the shots oh well:)
Thursday, May 17
Playing Outdoors
Its just not all that great unless you can roll around in the dirt but only this time I didn't make any mudpies haha
Wednesday, May 16
Schools In Session pt 2
Masuimi stole my shirt... I promise I won't misbehave again:)
Tuesday, May 15
Schools In Session
Masuimi's a serious teacher & very hot... she really taught me a lesson!!
Monday, May 14
Red Thong
I think somewhere along the way I misplaced my shirt... dayyyyyyyyyyummmm hate it when that happens:)
Monday, May 14
Hotel Seduction
This ones been a pretty popular set maybe I should eventually recreate it hmmmmmm:)
Monday, May 14
Purple Bathingsuit
This is an oldie but goodie:)
Monday, May 14
Pink Set
This sets pretty hot & steamy... HOTTTTT!!!
Sunday, May 13
Pink Santa
I promise I'm not a naughty santa's helper well I try to be:)
Sunday, May 13
Pink Madness pt 2
sets these days seem 2 come in pairs along w/ other stuff haha ummmmm ya just click the gallery dammit:)
Sunday, May 13
Pink Madness
This is also from the PHM ish alot of playin' around here!!
Saturday, May 12
PHM Implied pt 2
I think some of the pics & video may have been used in 360 video as well not all that sure but fun shoot!!

Saturday, May 12
PHM Implied
This is a set I did w/ purehotmodels & always have lots of fun w/ them

Saturday, May 12
Oakland A's
I really like representing Oakland A's the outfits are great!!
Friday, May 11
Yellow Set
It's me again in braids... hope you likey!!!
Friday, May 11
The shirt says it all... "here comes trouble"
Friday, May 11
Nuthin' But Net
Ain't no basketball playin' here but if you like me in the flesh in net you've reached the right place LOL
Friday, May 11
Netty Top pt 2
This is a pretty silly photoset... enjoy
Friday, May 11
Netty Top
Don't you just love when you can see thru the "shirt" haha
Friday, May 11
Aces Hot pt 3
Don't be the one to miss out on all the fun!! Join Now!!
Thursday, May 10
Aces Hot pt 2
Two Hot Tamales!!!
Thursday, May 10
Aces Hot
Come join us & all our steamyness:)
Thursday, May 10
Me & Christine pt 3
We're both waitin' on ya, come join us!!
Thursday, May 10
Me & Christine pt 2
I'd say it looks like i'm enjoying this meeeeeeeeeeeeoooow:)
Thursday, May 10
Me & Christine
If this isn't inspirational I don't know what is!!
Thursday, May 10
Trouble pt 3
What more can I say... check it out me & Christine super hot combo I must say!!
Thursday, May 10
Trouble pt 2
Hope you enjoy these steaming HOT photosets!! I love Christine:) Trouble comes in two's ya know

Thursday, May 10

I always have fun hanging w/ Christine so making great images w/ her is always great, too!!

Thursday, May 10
Gothy Sara pt 2
My friend is kinda new & was playin' around so if you're wondering thats why some of the photos might be blurry I put them thru anyway... enjoy:)
Thursday, May 10
Gothy Sara
I like this look so much, hope you do too as well!!
Tuesday, May 8
Gold Bathing Suit
I like to play around on the pool table instead... come & join me:)
Tuesday, May 8
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
Sugar & Spice & Everything Nice... This galleries Too Hot To Handle

Tuesday, May 8
Dreaming In Pink pt 2
Enjoy this great pair

Tuesday, May 8
Dreaming In Pink
If this is the way to dream then I'm all for it!!

Tuesday, May 8
Cooking 101
Truly learn how to cook the right way, the Sara way, shed your clothes & get your butt to the kitchen:)

Tuesday, May 8
Chinchilla pt 4
Its even better when you get 4... enjoy
Tuesday, May 8
Chinchilla pt 3

You know its good when you get 3 galleries
Tuesday, May 8
Chinchilla pt 2
From the notorious 360 video... check, check, check, check it out
Tuesday, May 8
This sets dangerous enter at your own risk:)
Tuesday, May 8
Capri Pants
I loved the heck out of these pants & they have a rip in the leg, not sure how that happened or why but haven't worn them since:(

Tuesday, May 8
Blue Babydoll
Lingerie is definately great but this hot babydoll takes the cake, also makes for some great cleavage:)

Tuesday, May 8
Black Lingerie
Join me in my see-thru black lingerie... I'm bringin' sexy back:)
Tuesday, May 8
Black Shorts 2
I love these little lacy shorts & oh they're comfy & nice on the eyes haha
Tuesday, May 8
Black Shorts
I like the gray background adds a little edge LOL

Tuesday, May 8
Black & White
Pics just seem so much better in black & white not sure what it is but me likey

Tuesday, May 8
Chinchilla pt 1
This is from this years 360 video that just released
Tuesday, May 8
Beach Sunset pt 2
Well what more can I say but that this was really a sunset shoot
Tuesday, May 8
Beach Sunset
Omg all I remember is that I was freezing my tail off but as long as cool images come out of it thats the sacrifice I'm willing to make:)
Tuesday, May 8
BabeBlvd pt 2
Its better in pairs haha well you get it!!
Tuesday, May 8
BabeBlvd pt 1
This is from one of my babeblvd galleries, don't miss out on the fun!!
Tuesday, May 8
Artsy Sara
I don't have many artsy galleries so I thought I'd give this one its own name:)
Tuesday, May 8
360 Shoot
Its been a long time coming but now the dvd's out!! Be sure & check out my shop for details on how you can get your "Girls Of 360" video!!

Tuesday, May 8
3rd Shoot
This is my 3rd shoot I'd ever done!! Pretty amateur but hey u gotta start somewhere LOL

Tuesday, May 8
Black Lace
Do you like me w/ braids?? If so, then this galleries for you:)
Tuesday, May 8
Boytoy Photoset
Wanna be my Boytoy?? Come join me then!!
Latest Diary Entries & other updates as well


so i went to see jill scott the other nite it was great... my shows have been back on so thats fantastic... i took 2day & got all updated on the site so now the zip galleries r all on 2008 woohoo LOL i'll still have 2 change the older zip

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Hey folks!!! Well this is me wishing every1 a very happy & healthy Valentines Day... whether u spend it alone or w/ lots of friends or just chill & watch TV, or sit & monitor my site its all good do whatever makes u the

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So a few days ago i e-mailed all the special members i have that have stuck w/ me patiently the entire yr or members i thought needed a token of my appreciation so i hope every1 that was supposed 2 get a special zipset

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So i've been a busy lil bee lately but whats new LOL... Happy Thanksgiving peepos & have fun thought i'd tell ya in advance:) so i shot 4 the nerdcore calendar a few weeks ago & 4 those of u that haven't seen the video its

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well well well here i am & back from vegas... as always no sleep & hectic as well... i was working w/ strada wheels & signing posters... i did a shoot 4 zipsets so those r coming up soon but i did video & it seems that i

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What up peepos!!! So i've been very busy but i wanted 2 take a moment & wish every1 an extra special Happy Halloween, every1 be safe & don't b out scaring people 2 death & or stealing kids candy LOL... I didn't have time

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OMG so i've been quite the busy lil bee changing things on the site!!! I've added some pages & also I've added zipsets which are you're very own exclusive set I don't put it up or make it available on the rest of the site so

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Hey everyone hope you had a great weekend cuz its monday again:) I went & saw Chuck & Larry, its pretty silly as expected & a good go see movie!! Sat i did a catering job in Simi Valley blaaaaaaaaa far... it was

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Sup every1... hope the weekend was good & safe & u survived fri the 13th haha... i ended up draggin' myself 2 the fd motor show & it lived up 2 my expectations of being extremely lame & a total waste of my time

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Well peepos its Fri the 13th... have a safe & prosperous weekend!! For u socal peeps u should hit up the FD Motoring show... its free admission, i'll b there slangin' my pix, etc & theres also lots of performances... i'll b

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man oh man i sware i can't believe its already july but none-the-less i wanna wish everyone a very awesome year & a very safe & happy 4th!! Time to celebrate our freedom & the people that sacrificed 4 us 2 enjoy

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I guess this diary entry will change my normal diary pace up just a lil... well i've been kinda down & really hurting alot lately... shopping helps a lil... so here lately me & cherie have been runnin' around alot shopping &

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Well i thought i was being cool & making zip galleries 4 every1 & 4 whatever reason thats doing something stupid & now i think trying to figure out what was wrong w/ that i messed up a whole crapload of other

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Sup everyone!!! Just thought I'd stop in & wish everyone a happy Fri/weekend... right now I'm zipping all my galleries that i have so i can offer zip galleries i'm sure that will make things alot easier so hope this is

read more >


Well lets see here 1st off i wanted 2 wish everyone a very happy memorial day & hope everyone relaxed, etc I spent alot of my day cleaning which was extremely needed so nothing to exciting, but this past week i

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This is an update I've been trying to do for a lil while now & here it is the new forums up but this is only available to members so hope you enjoy this... you can make another login within the forum!!

click here >


Well lets see here... 2day i was a busy lil bee... don't think i told any1 but i got rid of my hoopty(91 camry) so now my ride is the legs haha so when i have errands to do 4 the most part my days pretty eventful:)... so lets see

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Well 2days Sunday & i'm missing Sopranos b/c I had 2 get something to eat so i'll catch it on ON Demand later so I thought perfect time to go ahead & write a diary:) Hmmmmmm so lets see whats been up w/ me lately... I

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Well, well, well, 2day 1 of my external hard drives decided it was time 2 take a shit so all my galleries i had, show coverage that i take w/ my own cam, candids, etc have just vanished into thin air!! Its really quite tragic

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Man oh man... yesterday was Fri & I have a surprise in store that I'll have for Pomona Night Shift show but anyway I was gonna meet my friend @ Forbidden City to see the results of this surprise so decided I'd work

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Man I could sware I wrote this entry once already but 4 some weird reason its nowhere 2 be found so here i go again... this entry has 2 definately be 1 4 the books!! My itinerary says Sara's goin' 2 the bay 4 san mateo hin

read more >


Well I just got myself a Macbook & yes yes I know I'm impulsive but I need it in order to work on the site when I'm out of town:) Miss Sara Sara Sara I love my gadgets I hardly even use this thing I tried 2 put images on it

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My oh my!! I've been reading tutorials, etc & wow so much stuff but I'm tryin' I hate my site bein' down sometimes you just gotta do things yourself if u want them done & done right thats pretty much my mentality

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Well whats up peepos here it is V-day & i'm chillin' on the pc. I know I know not what everyone might think i'd be doin' but all good. I will be online bein' productive in some way until Lost(only 1 of my favorite series just

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